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Trademark Registration - Skywalk Global

We are a company specializing in global trademark registration and related services with many years of experience and professional knowledge. Our company's services cover 210 countries and regions, including developed and developing countries. We have a team of lawyers from all over the world to directly handle any large and small cases involving trademarks of various countries around the world, including trademark search, registration, renewal, assignment, license, change of trademark owner’s information and objection by a third person etc.

Our experienced team of lawyers and trademark consultants have extensive experience and knowledge in handling global intellectual property matters and deal directly with every trademark case. We focus on all the business of global trademarks, and strive to protect the market of interest for each customer with our principles of focus, efficiency, integrity, prudence, seriousness and reasonable market economy. Our professional team is from all over the world. Our team of experienced lawyers, trademark agents and trademark consultants break the language barrier, are familiar with the local government's work efficiency, culture and habits, and can accurately grasp the latest local trademark information and publications. Trademark affairs are not delayed and not so slow. Provide global trademark registration and related services to each customer with an efficient and serious attitude. Our expertise is more about the value of your service because of your trust.

Your trust is the source of our motivation, and focusing on seriousness is our commitment to you. Our services will always be with each customer, now and in the future, whenever and wherever. As long as you have any need for trademark services, please feel free to contact us for free consultation.

Are you having trouble with the trademark registration procedure?

Please leave a message on our website, we have a wealth of experience, including private and small businesses to large companies and public organizations including countries, registered trademarks are a reassuring history, trademark consultants and intellectual property experts will answer your questions directly.